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"The Sevillana might be the best thing I have ever eaten. Truly. Thank you!"

Tracy Horan

"Hello Sasha,  just a big thank you for being so nice. Jim and I loved the carrot apple with black mission fig pie. My husband is a bit of a foodie and appreciates the extra work and love  that you put into all your pies. My parents really loved  the different ingredients. My dad was so cute, he kept rubbing his belly and asked for more!! They loved both pies but especially loved the Sevillana. Thanks again, I wish you only the best and am telling everyone about your pies!!"

Angie Bates

"Give me more!"

David Gull 


A slice of the Sevillana: Biscuit Cookie Candied Orange Pie ins[PIE]rd from my time living in Southern Spain.

"I don't know how Sasha does it, but she can literally take any ingredients, put them in a pie and make them taste like unicorn fairy dust."

Aviva Mohilner

"So I tried the pumpkin and it is amazing! Probably best pumpkin pie I have ever had. Sure you gave me the right one ;) Couldn’t tell it was vegan or gluten free."

Heather Roloff

"It's so delicious that I eat it anyway, even though there's fruit in it...and I don't like fruit"

Kelly Tousignant

"The Sevillana was excellent—my wife appreciates the extra slice for her because it would have been challenging for us to share.  We are looking forward to our other later. Good luck and thanks.  We will definitely order again."

William Ireland

"We enjoyed the Spiced Pear. My wife said it was the best fruit pie, of any type, she's ever had."

Steve Moseley

Using fresh, seasonal ingredients, each unique handmade pie comes from a place of intuition and inspiration...resulting in innovative gourmet flavor combinations that expand what "pie" is and can be. 

My Story

I'm an artist and a pie chef.


The holidays had previously been an opportunity to share my love of baking with family and friends. When quarantine started, they all urged me to use the time to bake more often. 

It started with a new pie each week, created from scratch to share with friends. That has turned into a business that breathes life into my soul and gives me the opportunity to share my love of baking with the many diverse communities of Los Angeles during the holidays each year.

Each pie I create tells a story, inspired from the changing seasons, a trip abroad, a new friend...

I share each and every one with you from pure love of creation, of people, of travel, of sharing our gifts.


Thank you for being a part of the journey.

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Me with a a seasonal pie, Pumpkin Prosciutto with Goat Cheese and Peaches, inspired by the subtle shift of summer to fall.

Pie Creations

A few of my fun pie creations.


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More Testimonials

"I love how innovative your recipes are, especially the one with the boba in it! I have never had a pie I didn’t like."

Ryan Foley

"Sasha's pies are tasty! I love the thoughtful pick of ingredients such as the exotic fruits."

Michael Chang

"I love the layering you do and the ones that borderline on savory have been sooooo yummy"

Tasha Marks 

"They are the bomb dot com! Such unique flavors and always a delightful surprise on the mouth!"

Becky Rodgers

"Sasha’s pies are delicious and unique creations, made with thoughtfulness from the selection of each ingredient to the final presentation. Each pie is inspired, and each pie is a reminder that food is love."

Stacy Paetz

"Your unique pies are so delicious. Typically I only like Pecan pies but the ingredients you put together in your pies make them so good."

Fuad Burki

"The expectation of standing, with fork in hand, in front of a slice of Sasha's pies is the same as receiving a wrapped gift from a friend who knows you very well, always pleasing, always on the mark."

Farsheed Shomloo

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More Pie Creations
Scroll over (click if on mobile) to read what is in each pie









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